Daytona Beach Riverhouse, Inc.

Architectural Review Manual

Architectural Review Committee

It is the intent and desire of the Board of Directors and Owners of Daytona Beach Riverhouse to establish and preserve a harmonious design for the buildings and grounds and to protect the value of the property. The Board of Directors and Owners believe that properly exercised design review or architectural control, to maintain external uniformity, protects community association property values by creating and preserving an attractive community. Courts have made it clear that covenants and restrictions are valid and enforceable provided there are clear policy guidelines establishing the overall standards. The Board and owners of Daytona Beach Riverhouse therefore (have) approved the following rules for the following external architectural elements.

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1. Front door

2. Screen or Storm Door

3. Kitchen windows

4. Front bedroom windows

5. Rear bedroom windows

6. Balconies and porches

The Architectural Review Committee is charged with assisting the Board of Directors in ensuring the community maintains an architectural style consistent with the contemporary, organic design intent of the original development. Before making any modifications or improvements to your property please refer to the guidelines found in the Architectural Review Manual. These guidelines will help delineate the procedures that must be followed. For planned exterior modifications to be considered by the Architectural Review Committee the homeowner must complete a Notification of Intent to Modify/Alter Common Property form, and submit it to the Architectural Review Committee's Chairperson, or the Condominium Manager, along with appropriate supporting materials.

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